Adding a post (News Story)

Adding a post (News Story)

To add a post to your website, which would be your Home page in many cases, you can go to your Dashboard > Posts > Add New. Or if you are logged into your website you can hover over New then select Post.

You will be taken to a screen like this, here are a few notes of the popular features. From here you will be prompted to add:

* Post title
* Featured image if desired
* Post article
* Post images if desired
* If post is to be public or private (public by default)
* Post Expirator (If you would like the post to delete at a certain date and time)
* Publish the post immediately or for a future date (Default is immediately)

If you would like to add one image to your post we suggest doing it like this. Place your cursor at the beginning of your post, then click Add Media. Images and be placed anywhere you desire. (If you would like to add multiple see further down this article)

You wil be taken to a screen that will allow you to use images in your Library or you can drag & drop images from your computer.

The easiest way to add multiple images is to create a mini gallery. Place your cursor at the end of your post as shown below, then click Add Media.

Select and or drag & drop images from your computer

Then click Create Gallery in the lower right of your screen.

Now you can make a few quick adjustments, you can arrange the order of your images, edit image sizes, and number of columns.

For best results select:
* Link to: Media File
* 2 Columns
* Image size large

Then click Insert Gallery in the lower right of your screen.

Then publish your post by clicking Publish in the upper right of your screen.

You can edit your Gallery, Images, or Post at anytime by going to your Dashboard > Posts > All Posts hover over the Post you wish to edit or delete. In this example we are deleting "This is a test post"

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