Creating an online form

Creating an online form

Follow these instructions to create a new online form and add the form to a page on your website.

  1. From the Dashboard click Online Forms > Forms then click the Add New button

2. Add a title for your form, then you can drag & drop fields from the right to the left

3. Once you have all of the fields that you want created click Create

4. At the top of the page click Settings, you know have to direct where the form will be emailed.

5. Click Form Actions under Form Settings then click on Email Notification

6. In the β€œTo” line add your email to add multiple emails add a , between each email. Then check the box Send Emails in Plain Text

7. Once you have the form created it will need to be added to a page, for this you will need the shortcode on the top right on the form you just created click Show

8. Your shortcode will look something like this [formidable id=2] once you have that code copy it and then paste it on the page that you would like


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