Creating and managing email accounts

Creating and managing email accounts

Create Email Accounts

With every plan, you can have an unlimited number of free email accounts at your domain name. To create them, go to your Client Area > Websites. Choose the website for which you would like to create an email account, and click on Site Tools > Email > Accounts.

To create your new email account, type the new email address before the “@” and a strong password. When you’re ready filling in the information, click Create and you will have your new email ready in a few seconds.

Your members can login to their email by going to YOURDOMAINNAME.COM/webmail

Manage Email Accounts

For each email account you create, you can manage its settings from the Manage Email Accounts section below. Note that you can set different values for your email quota from the Actions menu(next to the corresponding email account) > Change Quota but without exceeding the current limits which are set to 10 000 MB per email account.

If you choose manual configuration our system will display the email server data that you need to use in order to make the configuration yourself.

You also have easy webmail access from this section. Go to the Manage Email Account section, click on the Actions menu for the corresponding email account > Log in to Webmail.

The system will automatically log you in our custom webmail interface, which provides all essential features you need from a webmail client.

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