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            Domain name settings

            If you own your own domain name, you will be responsible for making DNS changes to your domain name.


            You can do one of the following:

            1. Transfer your domain name to, we charge $20 per year to maintain the domain name and will make the necessary setting changes, you would still own your domain name.

            2. Login to the registrar where you bought your domain name (i.e. and make the necessary changes required below.

            NOTE: The name that is on the account for the domain registrant name is the ONLY person that can make these changes, go here (WHOIS) to find out who is the registrant of your domain name.


            Domain Mapping to a Site

            Once the site is ready, the domain must be pointed to the one of the IP addresses ( or If the you already have a site at your domain, you will need to change your own A-records.

            Note: domain registrars have different control panels; these are general instructions to help you map your domain to your new site. The actual process of mapping your domain may vary from these instructions.

            Step 1. Login in to the domain registrar’s control panel for the domain that you want to use for your site. The link will be provided by your domain registrar and will vary with different registrars.

            Step 2. Find the ‘Host Records’ section, which should have entries that have IP addresses and Record Types, unless the domain is not used, in which case there might not be any entries

            Step 3. Update or add host records for your domain, pointing the new records to the IP address of the FireCompanies site, which will be provided by a FireCompanies administrator. The type of record you create depends on the domain you are mapping to:

            a) If you are mapping to the top level of your domain (for example: update or add A-records with host names of *, @, and www, as shown in the figure below, which was taken from an Enom control panel.

            b) If you are mapping to a subdomain (for example: you should NOT remove A-records; update or add a CNAME record. For the CNAME record host name, use the subdomain you want to use. For example, if you want to map your site to, the host name would be forestation.

            Note: It can take from 24 to 48 hours before the host records on DNS servers expire and they get the new host records that you entered, so if you aren’t able to access your site using your domain URL, try waiting for the host records to update.

            Updated: 12 May 2018 03:27 AM
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