How can I create Facebook application?

            If you would like the option to post to your website and automatically post to your Facebook page, you first will need to create a Facebook application. Once you have completed these steps by logging into your Facebook account you will need to send us the following information.

            Application Name
            Application id
            Application Secret

            To create a new facebook application, go to the link or

            If you are not a developer, register first

            If you are not a developer, you need to register as a developer.

            Click on the “Register as a Developer” link (highlighted above).

            In the first step “Accept the terms” and click continue.

            In the second step “Tell us about you”, select the appropriate section and click continue.

            Now you are a Facebook Developer. Click “Done” and you can now create the application.

            Create Facebook App

            Step 1:

            Click on the “Create New App/ Add a New App” link.

            Step 2:

            Enter the App Display Name and the contact email and click the “Create App ID”.

            Step 3:

            Now it will redirect to the “Add Product” page and in this page click the “Set Up” button in “Facebook Login”.

            Step 4:

            Click the “Web” button.

            Step 5:

            In the “Site URL” section add your site url and save it.

            (Note: You can see your site URL in the top of the plugin facebook settings. See the below image)

            Note: If the “Quickstart” page is blank and you cannot enter the domain url, please go to “Settings > Basic” section, just below the Dashboard and then click the “Add Platform” as shown below.

            Then select the “website” as given below.

            In this page you can add the site url and save it.

            Step 6:

            Click on the “Facebook Login >Settings” link as shown below.

            Here enter the “Valid OAuth redirect URIs”.

            Note : You can see the OAuth redirect URI in the top of the account settings in the plugin.

            Please use this OAuth redirect URI in the facebook settings.

            After entering the OAuth redirect URI and enable the “Client OAuth Login and Web OAuth Login”, please save the changes.

            Step 7:

            The app is ready now. Click the “Dashboard” link in the menu to see the app id and secret.

            In the “Dashboard” we can see the App ID and App Secret.

            The App ID and App Secret are now ready. Click the “Show”button to see the App Secret. (The app secret is in alphanumeric and DON’T use ******* as App Secret.)

            Step 8:

            Here the app is in development mode. Only the developer can view the posts now.

            To make the app ‘Live/Public’, please go to the ‘App Review‘ page.

            In this page please select the ‘Live/Public’ mode by selecting the ‘YES’ button.

            Now it will ask to enter the privacy policy url.

            Click the “App Details” link in the above popup to add the privacy policy URL.

            In the “App Details” page you can add your privacy policy URL and click the “Save Changes” button.

            Now return to the “App Review” page and make the app Live and a ‘green indicator’ will display next to the app name as in the below image.

            You can now use the facebook app keys in the plugin. There is no need of submitting the app for approval.

            Now enter these keys in the plugin settings in your site.

            After entering the keys in the facebook settings page, you need to “Authorize” the account. (The authorization section is present in the wordpress plugin section).

            You can see the FB pages in the settings page only after authorizing FB account.

            When you click on the “Authorize” button, it will redirect to a facebook popup dialog box.

            Step 1:

            There is some warnings and you can ignore the warning and click the “OK” button.

            Step 2:

            Select the “Public” option and click OK.

            Step 3:

            In the step 3 click OK and the authorization is complete.

            Now you can see all your fb pages and you can select the fb page to auto publish.

            Updated: 24 Feb 2018 08:59 AM
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