Connecting your domain name to CloudFlare

Connecting your domain name to CloudFlare

FireCompanies offers CloudFlare to all of our clients, CloudFlare keeps your website running efficiently, speedy, and helps to block bad actors. Since we do not have access to your domain name we will need you to complete a few steps for us by logging in to where you bought your domain name (GoDaddy, Google, TuCows, NetworkSolutions), if you do not feel comfortable you can always contact your Registrar to make the changes for you. 

If you are on GoDaddy, you can create access for us to go in and make the changes, information for that can be found here or you can send us your login information.

1. Login to your domain name and look for DNS settings.

2. Create a CNAME in the name field add WWW and in the value field add and TTL 1400 Seconds. (In the before mentioned replace YOURDOMAINNAME.COM with your domain name).
NOTE: You may have a A Record in your DNS list that already has WWW for the name, this will need to be deleted.  

3. Another CNAME will need to be added,  create a CNAME in the name field add cloudflare-resolve-to and in the value field YOURDOMAINNAME.COM and TTL 1400 Seconds

4. Once you have completed these steps, please let us know.

Here is an actual screenshot of a domain's DNS at GoDaddy for reference.


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